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Resultmaker is a company that makes software for humans; a place for innovative people; and
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A Unique and Patented Way of Supporting Complex Workflows

Resultmaker is a consulting and software company that makes its living from supporting and automating human work processes. Resultmaker's standard software is based on a unique, patented method that makes it possible in practice – not just theory – to support complex, dynamic processes.

The Basic Idea behind Resultmaker

Resultmaker was founded by a group of experienced management consultants determined to expand the limits for efficient execution of business processes. They based their efforts on the conviction that:

  • Business processes and their constituent elements are the central aspect in running and developing a business.
  • Business processes should be based on the way humans actually work.
  • Business process management must create value for the company that uses it.
  • A business process system must be well structured and well supported.

Resultmaker's patented underlying process model is based on a different and more suitable approach than that of other companies to the representation of complex, dynamic work processes that involve both people and systems. Since 2000, Resultmaker has successfully used its model – Resultmaker Process Matrix – to develop products and methods for automating entire work processes in the service industry. 

Resultmaker Process Matrix offers many advantages and ensures that a process will reach the desired result. Thus the name Resultmaker.

The Resultmaker Process Matrix – Results First

Resultmaker's patented process model employs an entirely different approach than that of other Business Process Management companies.

Where others typically attempt to diagram complex processes with flow charts, Resultmaker's Process Matrix is an extension of the Gantt diagram. Gantt diagrams have been thoroughly tested as a project planning tool and are well known for their usefulness in coordinating the activities of multiple participants in dynamic situations.

By utilizing this approach, which reflects the way people intuitively work, Resultmaker's technology achieves optimal coordination of the activities of large groups of people and takes into account handovers, dependencies, competences, etc.

Resultmaker's Process Matrix ensures that users have the freedom to make decisions when the necessary information is available as well as to change their minds in the course of a process without having to start from scratch.

Resultmaker's Process Matrix is a dynamic and flexible tool – both during the design phase and for end users.

Who Should Choose Resultmaker?

Resultmaker's technology and methods ensure that you can handle the growing demand for structure, documentation, consistency, measurability and traceability. At the same time, you are free to adapt your business processes whenever changes require it. These abilities are essential for developing a business today.

Resultmaker's technology has a unique ability to support processes that involve interaction between people and systems. This is particularly the case for complex, dynamic processes that include both system-generated and human decisions.

Advantages of Resultmaker's Technology and Methods
  • Users are free to act based on their roles and competence and are given maximum support for making appropriate and consistent decisions, based on the organization's prior experience and best practice.
  • Users are guided intuitively and easily through relevant parts of the process, and cases are handed on or completed as quickly as possible.
  • The people responsible for the business are free to maintain and develop critical business processes in-house.
  • Processes can be freely scaled and sub-processes can be freely reused in other processes.
  • Multiple users can access and use a process simultaneously.
  • Decisions can be changed at any time in response to new or changed information.
  • Accumulated experience and knowledge can be used for continuously improving the process.

Resultmaker Patents Minimize
  • Patent for ”Online Consultant” i.e. the Process Matrix method, US Patent number 6,895,573
  • Patent application for the “XML Factory” (a.k.a. the “XML Schema Tool”), i.e. the method for closed loop integration between data model, forms, and XML Schemas

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