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Resultmaker occupies a central role in Danish e-Government at both the state and municipal levels.

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Resultmaker Plays a Major Part in e-Government

Resultmaker occupies a central role in Danish e-government at both the state and municipal levels. We have delivered several solutions for online reporting and case handling, including over 20,000 unique XML-based definitions for G2B and G2C transactions.

The experience gained in Denmark has also been applied to solutions for the Polish and Dutch governments.

Some of our major customers are mentioned below.

Graduate Program Admission Minimize

A faster, more flexible, and more efficient admission process for students and administrators alike


CBS is one of the three largest business schools in Northern Europe.

Every year, CBS receives about 3,500 applications for admission to its graduate programs.
Approximately 75% of the applications received were defective or incomplete.

Resultmaker implemented a fully automated application process – Resultmaker Process Platform® – on CBS’s existing platform for business process management.
The solution guides applicants through the application process, leading to a correct and complete application.
The system automatically evaluates the application, comparing the student’s data with CBS’s admission requirements, so that a preliminary decision to accept, conditionally accept or reject the student is available to the administrator when processing the case.

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Calculator for Maternity Leave Minimize

The Danish government now has a single common solution for calculating maternity and paternity leave – one that supports both employees and HR departments


The State Employer’s Authority is an agency within the Ministry of Finance.

The primary task of the State Employer’s Authority is to administer the Danish government’s general responsibilities as an employer in the areas of wages, pensions and personnel and management policy.

The legislative framework allows great flexibility for scheduling maternity and paternity leave, resulting in considerable complexity and therefore also a comprehensive need for guidance.
The new calculator makes it possible for employees to simulate and plan their pregnancy leave, maternity leave or paternity leave. Furthermore, the calculator is expected to cause an appreciable reduction in the workload for HR staff, with regard to both guidance and reimbursement. Last but not least, the calculator ensures that the leave granted is correct, in spite of the flexible and complicated rules.

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The full case (PDF)

Case: Digital Solution for Motor Vehicle Inspection

A completely digital administration solution with 6,000 to 20,000 daily transactions


The Danish Transport Authority is an agency within the Danish Ministry of Transport with responsibilities and tasks that span several means of transportation: rail, road and air.

Privatization of the market for motor vehicle inspection created a need for data exchange between private inspection companies and the Danish government. The solution needed to be entirely online.

Extremely high stability was required, due to the large number of transactions.

Resultmaker implemented a comprehensive back office system that ties together all the involved parties. The solution, which is entirely digital with no paper-based forms, expands the availability of inspection services without increasing the number of civil servants needed.

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The full case (PDF).

Case: A Full-Scale Government-to-Business Platform

Platform for digital reporting from businesses to government - with a daily volume of 6,000 digitally signed transaction holding validated data.

The Client

The Danish government wanted to ease the administrative burden for companies in Denmark.
The cross-governmental VIRK  (Centre for, which is a part of the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency (DCCA), acted as the commissioning authority on behalf of the Danish state. VIRK works to ensure the development of digital services to ease the administrative tasks of companies in Denmark.
The goal was to give businesses a single integrated site for reporting to and interacting with the entire public sector.

By implementing a comprehensive full-scale platform for handling government-to-business transactions through the business portal, Resultmaker has helped the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency (Erhvervs- og Selskabsstyrelsen) towards this goal.

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the full case (PDF).

Case: Digital Building Permit Minimize

Until recently, paper forms were used for submitting building permit applications.

Building regulations are so extensive that it can be difficult to figure out what information, documents and powers of attorney the municipality will need in order to process the application.

In many cases, the permits were not correctly filled out. Enclosures might be missing or they might be incomplete in relation to the relevant type of project.

In practice, about 70% of building permit applications is missing some of the necessary information when they arrive at the municipal offices, which mean that they cannot be processed right away

With Digital Buildig Permit the application process has become simpler and more convenient for citizens. The percentage of applications missing information has decreased from 70 to approximately zero. All together the process is far more efficient for all involved and the cases are handled more quickly.

Read the full case (PDF).

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