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With Resultmaker Process Platform™, you create workflows intuitively and focus only on what's relevant to reach the process's goal.

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Resultmaker Process Platform

Resultmaker Process Platform™ is a feature-rich software platform that offers innovative tools for the design, development, deployment and execution of cost-effective solutions for automating human-centric and system-centric business processes.

Develop and publish workflows for multi-role, long-duration business processes with the Resultmaker Process PlatformTM. The Resultmaker Process Designer™ fully supports a flexible, customizable, and iterative method for defining processes with activities, rules, roles/rights, content elements, and more.

Experience an efficient and user-friendly tool that brings your company from idea phase to production phase using a fast-paced prototyping approach. Business users can now play a pivotal role in the development and maintenance of business-oriented software solutions, thereby reducing development time and making it much easier to quickly adopt the existing solutions to changing market conditions.

Resultmaker Process Platform combines the strength of our easy to use Resultmaker eForm Designer™ with a unique system for workflow design that lets you create full solutions for electronic case management.
With the unique “Auto complete” function of Resultmaker Process Platform™, you can fully automate an entire business process. Resultmaker Process Platform determines whether all the necessary data are available in the flow. If so, it automatically completes the process step, but only if the defined business rules allow it to. If all the necessary data for an autocompletion are not available, Resultmaker Process Platform switches execution back to the case worker for manual processing.
As an execution engine, Resultmaker Process Designer can be combined with Resultmaker XML Factory™ into a powerful platform for large scale electronic form solutions.

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