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With Resultmaker Process Platform™, you create workflows intuitively and focus only on what's relevant to reach the process's goal.

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Resultmaker Process Platform™ – Workflows for People
Get ready for a new and easier way to think about electronic business processes. No more impenetrable diagrams with a confusing tangle of dependencies, choices, lines and arrows! We let you work the way you're used to: with simple checklists.
Resultmaker Process Platform™ keeps you focused on the goal and lets you create multiple paths that reach it. Each user's path through the process is supported, no matter how they get there.

That's what we call business logic with a human face!

Resultmaker Process Platform™ - The Process Designer

Resultmaker Process Platform™ consist of an application for designing processes - Resultmaker Process Designer - and a server for execution of the processes.

Resultmaker Process Designer builds customized electronic workflows with an interface that's so easy we call it Rapid Process Development.

Resultmaker Process Designer supports even the most complex business processes and lets users take various routes through the process according to their needs.

You simply place potential activities in a list and add roles and user rights. By stating the prerequisites for each step in the process, you clarify your business logic and can evaluate it easily with the user-oriented preview function.

Resultmaker eForms™ – It Really Can Be This Easy!

With Resultmaker eForm Designer™, you can design, implement and execute fully functional e-forms in no time.

For each page of the form, an easy drag-and-drop interface lets you place data fields, headings, texts, local menus and other elements exactly where you want them. The look and feel of Resultmaker eForm Designer™ conforms to Microsoft standards, so you'll quickly feel at home.

Resultmaker Enterprise Platform™ – Be Model-Driven
When you're ready for complete system integration, data modelling and model-driven business development, add Resultmaker's XML Factory™ and Resultmaker OC Broker™ to your Resultmaker eForm Designer™ and Resultmaker Workflow Designer™ modules. This is what we call Resultmaker Enterprise Platform™.

Resultmaker XML Factory™ and Resultmaker OC Broker™ let you automate your workflows and create system-human integration, both within and among workplaces and organizations.

By employing a systematic XML-based data model, your possibilities for interorganizational communication become virtually unlimited.

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