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Resultmaker has years of experience digitalizing and optimizing business processes – mapping knowledge, analyzing processes and building logic into systems.

Customers rely on us for solutions that not only create results here and now but retain their flexibility for future expansion, due to our patented technology.

By removing routine tasks and decisions from your workday, we give you maximal consistency and minimal complexity, so employees can concentrate on the activities that exploit their expertise. Your knowledge base stays updated and consistent.

A Resultmaker solution can include simple or advanced e-forms; rule-based, process-optimized workflows; and full platforms, with or without digital signatures. Because our technology is based on open standards and service-oriented architecture, Resultmaker customers are free to modify and expand our solutions – even if they choose to switch to a different supplier.

Find Your Industry

In every industry, the trends are clear: Knowledge is changing and growing. Processes are becoming more extensive and more complex.

Work must be documented to fulfill regulatory requirements and to ensure that companies learn from their experience. The knowledge gained must be collected and made accessible, so successes can be repeated and failures avoided. Routine tasks need to be minimized, so employees can concentrate on creating the added value that is the lifeblood of the organization.

The need for more efficient, flexible and well controlled business processes is global, but the challenges in each sector can be unique.

That's why Resultmaker offers solutions tailormade for your industry – solutions that provide optimum support for the processes you use and ensure that your business wins, every time:

Find Your Business Process

Are you looking for a way to improve customer relations? A way to handle numerous job applications in a fast and consistent manner? A way to ensure that you comply with government standards? Or a secure method of integrating to other systems and streamlining your internal operations and accounting processes?

Resultmaker's patented matrix method ensures an overview of even complex processes, no matter how many people, decisions, activities and systems they involve:

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